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Eurovox Security Codes FAQs

Why is my radio not working after the battery was disconnected/replaced?

The radio requires a security code to be entered. (also known as PIN number). A security code is either 4 or 6 numbers long for most of Eurovox Units.

How can I obtain my security code?

Download the Security Code Request form located in the Service & Support section. Fill it out and send it in via fax or email with proof and payment. The serial number and model number of the piece of Eurovox equipment is essential. A new security code card will then be mailed to you and your details will be registered in our database.

Why does Go Technologies charge for supplying a security code?

Security and administrative reasons. We enter your details in our database so if you lose it again you only have to identify yourself and give the serial number and we will give you the security code again, we also send you a new code card.

How do I enter my security code to my Eurovox radio/cassette/CD Unit?

Refer to the owner's manual of your equipment. Turn ignition key to 'Accessories' and a number '1' or code '1' or similar will appear. Press corresponding preset buttons as you read you security code. If you have a 6 digit security code, the display will count the preset buttons pressed. i.e. display will show '1' the '2' then '3' and so on up to '6' regardless of which number is pressed. If the security code is correct, the radio will turn on. If the security code is incorrect, the display will show '2' or 'code 2' or similar. After 3 incorrect attempts, the radio will go into 'lockout mode'.

Why has my radio got horizontal lines on the display and is not responding to any buttons?

The radio has had 3 incorrect security codes entered and is now in lockout mode. For recent model radio's leave 1 hour (some radio's require ignition key to be on accessories). For older model radio's, remove power to radio by either unplugging radio or disconnecting the negative lead on the battery for 1 hour.

My radio will not accept my security code?

(1) This radio may have been replaced and now requires a different security code
(2)The security code you have been supplied is wrong.
(3)This radio has an internal fault. To check if radio works there is a temporary test code '1111' or '111111' can be used for most of Eurovox Radio. This only lasts for approx 3 minutes.

How do I enter security code to my overhead DVD/Screen combo unit?

Using the << or >> buttons on the overhead console, scroll up or down to select the first number. Once the correct number is shown, press the ENT button. Repeat this procedure to enter the 4 digit code. As each digit is entered, it will be shown on the display.

Why does "Code Input Error" appears on my overhead DVD/Screen Combo Unit?

If incorrect codes are entered for more than 3 times, your Eurovox overhead DVD/Screen unit will show "Code Input Error" on the display.
Leave car key in the car and turn it to Accessories for approximated 1 hour, the overhead DVD/Screen unit will reset itself and shows"Security Input 1***" on the display.



Eurovox General Audio system FAQs

My CD stacker is not reading CD's or shows 'E-04'.

Check that the CD is in the magazine the right way up and that the surface is clean and free of marks and scratches, if the problem persists, it needs servicing.

My CD stacker is not working and shows 'E-99.

Reset the stacker via the radio (refer to the manual) or unplug stacker and re-connect. If E-99 returns stacker will need servicing.

My CD stacker is not working and shows 'E-02'.

Check that there are CD's in the magazine.

My cassette is jammed and not playing/ejecting.

Reset the radio, (refer to manual) or remove power. Note - Security code may need to be entered. If the cassette remains in the player do not attempt to remove it yourself as damage may be casued to the mechanism. Return to Go Technologies Service Department for servicing.

My CD is not playing.

Check that the CD is clean and free of marks and scratches.

My DVD player is coming up 'Wrong region'.

Ensure DVD is region 4. This information appears on some DVD's and usually on the back of the case. Some region 4 DVD's can be played in other region DVD players.

The picture on the DVD screen is black and white and scrolling vertically.

The display may be set to the wrong format. Change to 'NTSC' or 'PAL' depending on the model of DVD.

My infrared head phones are not working.

Check batteries and crosscheck with another pair of head phones.

What courier does Go Technologies use?

The Go Technologies Service Department use Toll priority as courier for all repairs.

How can I get my radio out of the car?

Most Eurovox Radios can be removed by removal keys. With removal keys, contact Go Technologies to help you find out which keys you will need to remove your radio. There are many different types of removal keys for many radios. Or a visit to your local specialist is another option.

Is there a CD/Radio suitable to replace my Holden Commodore VT/VX car radio.

Yes. Model 5980 is a 'double-din' AM/FM/Cassette 'original looking' unit with inbult single disc CD player. This unit has the controls to operate the optional boot '10 disc' CD changer. This model is compatible with cars fitted with steering wheels controls.

Can I purchase a 10 disc CD changer and/or conection cable to suit my Eurovox radio.

Yes, we currently have refurbished 6 and 10 disc CD changers available. The connection leads are available also. These units are covered by a 12 month return to base warranty.

How much will it cost for my unit to be repaired?

Faulty radios should be sent to Go Technologies for repair. All retail repairs sent to Go Technologies are first diagnosed for the fault, then a Quotation of Parts and Labour required to fix the radio, is sent to the customer.

How do I adjust the time on my Radio?

Select the RADIO mode first. Press the TIME button to change the display from FREQ to TIME. Hold the TIME button depressed and press TUNE- to advance Hours, then press TUNE+ to advance Minutes. For Old Model 8280's press DSP for time, and 6800's models press and hold the ME button - using the TUNE button to change the time.



Eurovox Satellite Navigation FAQs

Calculation times take longer on version 12 (V12) than Version 9?

Calculation points have significantly increased. i.e. V12 now has 1,061,186 km of roads compared to only 186,000 roads on V9. Try using your current state map only. Try turning off extended route option (Configuration/Route Options)

The Navigation computer does not generate an expected Route Manoeuvre List?

Route generation is based on complex mathematical equations against weights given to roads. i.e. A Motorway is more likely to be used than a Highway even though the Motorway option may be a longer route. Try changing Shortest Distance/Shortest Time/Most Use of Freeways/Least Use of Freeways option for your preferred manoeuvre list (V9 switch off 'Avoid all Toll ways').

Voice guidance cuts out during Re-Routes?

Audio guidance will cease when 'Proceed to Route' or 'Cancel for new Route' appears on the bottom of the screen.

System will not respond to 'Cancel' during calculations?

Cancel cannot be used during a Route Calculation is taking place or when the Hour Glass symbol is displayed.

System won't give guidance to destination after Re-routing?

The navigation system will only recalculate 2 times, and then will ask the user to press cancel for a new route. If the route is re-assumed, guidance will continue from where you are.

Can't select a particular street number or Address?

Not all Street Numbers are on the Database. Try entering the closest address number. Also, if in doubt of suburb destination, do not select enter city.

Screen freezes at Logo symbol?

At the front of the Nav unit, check that the flash card is fully inserted and press the Reset button. Otherwise contact the Dealer for a replacement.

No satellites appear on the satellite strength status screen in diagnostics?

Check the antenna plug is still connected to the rear of the Nav unit.

The cursor won't track on the road correctly or appears on parallel streets?

If the Nav has been replaced or upgraded, it will require a 'break in' time for the 'inertia' system to learn the characteristics of the new driver. Each different user of the system (vehicle driver), should select a different USER No. at the start menu. Different driver using the same USER No. may cause the system to erase previous inertia learning data depending on driving patterns, causing the unit to start relearning driving characteristics all over again. This is referred to as the 'learn count' (Diagnostics/Sensor Status). Bias LC < 20, Orientation LC < 50.

What is the latest mapping available from Eurovox?

Version 12 was the last version of mapping data available for the Eurovox in-vehicle navigation system system. Due to licensing restrictions this update is no longer available

What are the differences between Version 12 and Version 9 mapping information?

- V9 has population coverage of 1.6 million and V12 has 1.9 million.
- V9 has 186,000 km's of road coverage and V12 has 1,077,295 km's of road coverage.
- V9 has 90 rural towns covered and V12 has 664 rural towns covered.
- V9 has 29,000 points of interest and V12 has over 500,000 points of interest.